Attach Zinger with Fish’Sposal

Pull out from reel, squeeze tail to open.

Drop unwanted litter into your Fish’Sposal and let go.

Remove items; hold tail down open and shake out.

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Welcome to our site and your chance to:

Keep Our Waters Clean & Keep Our Lands Green !

Fishermen want to protect the waters and the lands they cherish. You now have that opportunity with an easy to use “Green Tool”, Fish’Sposal the Fisherman’s Litter Keeper.

Using Fish’Sposal prevents fluorocarbon leader clippings and other fishing debris that are not biodegradable from ending up in the environment.

Just squeeze open the fish tail for EASY disposal of leader tippet clippings, used weights, damaged strike indicators, spent flies or broken hooks, and other debris.

Fish’Sposal the “Green Tool” was designed to be proudly used and worn by all anglers to show their concern for the environment and to encourage others to do their part to protect it.

It’s A Keeper With Fish’Sposal.