"Fish'Sposal" The Fisherman’s Litter Keeper was invented by well known Idaho & Montana fishing outfitter & guide Tom Loder, owner of www.panhandle-outfitters.com. Pursuit of Tom’s passion for fishing and hunting led to a college degree in Outdoor Recreation and since 1972 Tom has been providing the highest quality professional services. Tom’s professional dedication and leadership is reflected by service on the Board of Directors for the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association and as President of the Panhandle Chapter.

Throughout the years as a licensed outfitter and guide in Idaho, Montana and Washington, Tom has been dedicated to protecting the ecosystems we love. The best way to protect the waters and lands we cherish was to provide fisher’s with an easy to use Litter Keeper. Using Fish’Sposal the “Green Tool” prevents fluorocarbon leader clippings and other fishing debris that are not biodegradable from ending up in the environment.

Fish’Sposal was designed to be proudly worn by all angler's to demonstrate their concern for the environment and thereby encourage others to do their part to protect it.

My personal Thank You, for Keeping Our Waters Clean and Lands Green."It’s a Keeper with Fish'Sposal".

If you have any ideas to improve our product or a new idea we would love to hear your input. As stewards of the resource we are always open to a better way or improvements. Contact Us